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Hunt Refining Company

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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Judge Brown
1855 Fairlawn Rdg Tuscaloosa , Alabama 35401

Phone: (205) 310-6474 Fax:
Quality Management System - accredited since 2/11/2016

Asphalt Binder - accredited since 2/11/2016
R28, R29, T44, T48, T49, T51, T228, T240, T301, T313, T315, T316, T350, D5, D70, D92, D113, D2042, D2872, D4402, D6084, D6521, D6648, D7175, D7405, D7643

Emulsified Asphalt - accredited since 6/15/2018
T59 / D6930 (Settlement and Storage Stability)
T59 / D6933 (Sieve Test)
T59 / D6934 (Residue by Evaporation)
T59 / D6935 (Cement Mixing)
T59 / D6936 (Demulsibility)
T59 / D6937 (Density)
T59 / D6997 (Residue by Distillation)
T59 / D7402 (Particle Charge)
T59 / D7496 (Saybolt Viscosity at 25°C (77°F))
T59 / D7496 (Saybolt Viscosity at 50°C (122°F))

Pavement Preservation - accredited since 4/14/2021
TB-106 / D3910 (Measurement of Slurry Seal Consistency (Cone Consistency))
TB-144 / D6372 (Classification of Micro-Surfacing Materials Compatibility (SBR))
TB-147 / D6372 (Loaded Wheel Test, Vertical and Lateral Displacement of Cold Mixes (LWT))
TB-139 / D3910/D6372 (Set and Cure Development of Slurry Surfacing Systems by Cohesion Tester)
TB-100 / D3910/D6372 (Wet Track Abrasion Of Slurry Surfacing Systems)
TB-109 (Excess Asphalt in Bituminous Mixtures by Loaded Wheel and Sand Adhesion)
TB-113 (Determining Mix Time for Slurry Surfacing Systems)
TB-114 (Wet Stripping of Cured Slurry Surfacing Mixtures)
D7000 (Sweep Test of Bituminous Emulsion Surface Treatment)
D3910/D6372 (Determining Set Time for Slurry Seal and Micro-Surfacing Systems (Blot Test))

Asphalt Mixture - accredited since 4/14/2021
R30, R35, R47, T166, T209, T269, T283, T312, T324, T329, D2041, D2726, D3203, D3549, D6925, D6931

Aggregate - accredited since 4/14/2021
R76, T11, T27, T37, T84, T85, T100 (Mineral Filler), T176, T255, T304, T330, C117, C127, C128, C136, C566, C702, C1252, D546, D2419

Please note that our accreditations do not include an expiration date. An accreditation only expires when the laboratory fails to comply with our accreditation requirements.

* This information is only valid as of 2/28/2024. Please visit for current accreditation status.