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FWD Fee Policies

Note: AASHTO Member Departments, including State and Federal Highway departments, are not subject to the fee structure described below.

Domestic Facilities

Domestic facilities include those within the continental United States. A fee of $1800 will be charged for the first day of an on-site evaluation, and a fee of $900 will be charged for each day or portion of a day thereafter. A “day” is considered any amount of time up to nine (9) hours within the course of one calendar day. If an on-site evaluation extends past 9 hours of one calendar day, the center may be charged for a second day. In addition to the daily fees, charges may apply to offset any extraordinary travel costs.  If a supplemental evaluation is required in order to resolve nonconformities and observations as noted on the evaluation report, the fee structure as described above will be used.

International Facilities

International facilities include any facility outside of the continental United States. In addition to the daily fees described above, international facilities may be subject to additional charges depending upon the location and any extraordinary travel costs. International facilities interested in AASHTO re:source FWD Calibration Center Operator Certification should contact AASHTO re:source staff for specific details and a cost estimate for services.

Cancellation Fee

Any facility that cancels or reschedules an on-site evaluation within two weeks of the scheduled visit date may be subject to a cancellation fee of $500 to offset costs associated with administrative processing and cancellation of travel plans.


The facility will receive an invoice for services rendered, as specified above, within thirty (30) days of the on-site evaluation. Certificates will not be issued until all invoices have been paid in full. Certificates will be issued within fifteen (15) days of receipt of payment.