Calibration that ensures data is accurate and repeatable

"We recognize they’re very effective at what they do and they pretty much lead the pack in that regard, so that’s why we lean on them."

California Division of the State Architect

Eric France, Construction Supervisor II

50 years of experience
PSP participants
samples shipped per year
laboratory assessments per year
accredited labs

Evaluation Schedule

To maintain current certification, on-site evaluations shall be performed at an approximate interval of 12 months. The frequency of the on-site evaluation shall not exceed 14 months. Once the date of the initial evaluation is scheduled, a reasonable attempt will be made to keep the evaluations within the same month each year. If the evaluation does not take place within the regularly-scheduled month for a particular calendar year, it is expected that the evaluation will take place on the regularly scheduled month the following calendar year. (This could reduce the frequency between two consecutive evaluations to ten months in some instances.) The scheduled month for each center currently in the program is listed in the schedule below.

Center Name Center Location Annual Evaluation Month
Texas Department of Transportation Austin, Texas February
Foundation Mechanics  El Segundo, California   February
EBA  Edmonton, Alberta  February 
ERES International  Savoy, Illinois  April
Grontmig  Kolding, Denmark   April
Dynatest  Alpharetta, Georgia  May 
Colorado Department of Transportation Denver, Colorado June
California Department of Transportation  Davis, California  July 
Half-Space Engineering  Reno, Nevada  July  
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation Harrisburg, Pennsylvania September
Evaluación Integral de Obras Civiles, S.A. de C.V  Purísima de Bustos, Gto., México  October 
Indiana Department of Transportation West Lafayette, Indiana October 
Montana Department of Transportation Helena, Montana November
Minnesota Department of Transportation Maplewood, Minnesota November

El Segundo, California