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AASHTO Duty of Care for On-Site Assessments

Revised April 2022

The safety of our customers and laboratory assessors is AASHTO’s prime concern as we return to on-site assessments.  So that assessments can be conducted in a safe environment, AASHTO is committed to the following:

Vaccination Status of AASHTO Representatives
All AASHTO representatives who will be performing on-site assessments will be up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations. The vaccination status of all AASHTO representatives performing on-site assessments has been verified.

Procedures in the Event of a Potential COVID-19 Infection
If an AASHTO representative has COVID symptoms or has potentially been exposed to COVID-19, AASHTO will do the following:

  1. The AASHTO representative will quarantine or isolate as specified by CDC guidelines.
  2. If it is determined that the AASHTO representative was in close contact with individuals at your laboratory, as defined by the CDC, AASHTO will provide the laboratory with a list of the individuals they were in contact with, the approximate duration of the contact, and their proximity to the individuals.
  3. AASHTO will follow CDC guidance regarding testing, quarantine, and isolating as needed.
  4. If an employee is required to test, quarantine, or isolate, they will not enter a customer or member laboratory until they are approved to do so by AASHTO.

So that assessments can be conducted in a safe environment, we ask that laboratories receiving an on-site assessment commit to the following:

  • If the laboratory has any safety policies or guidelines related to COVID-19, this information shall be shared with the laboratory assessor(s) visiting the facility prior to their arrival.
  • The laboratory shall immediately report to AASHTO any exposure of the laboratory assessor to an individual with suspected or confirmed COVID-19.

Any concerns regarding this policy shall be directed to:

Steven Lenker
Director, Construction Materials Reference Laboratories

Maria Knake
Manager, Laboratory Assessment Program

Robert Lutz
Manager, AASHTO re:source

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