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Ninyo & Moore

Tucson, Arizona

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Crystal Petersen
1991 East Ajo Way Suite 145 Tucson , Arizona 85713

Phone: (520) 577-7600 Fax:
Quality Management System - accredited since 9/9/2013
R18, C1077 (Aggregate), C1077 (Concrete), D3666 (Aggregate), D3666 (Asphalt Mixture), D3740 (Soil), E329 (Aggregate), E329 (Asphalt Mixture), E329 (Concrete), E329 (Soil)

Asphalt Mixture - accredited since 2/27/2015
R47, R68, T30, T166, T209, T245, T269, T308, T312, T329, T355, D2041, D2726, D2950, D3203, D3549, D5444, D6307, D6925, D6926, D6927

Soil - accredited since 2/27/2015
R58, R74, T88, T89, T90, T99, T100, T134, T180, T191, T216, T217, T265, T288, T289, T310, D421, D422, D558, D698, D854, D1140, D1556, D1557, D2216, D2435, D2487, D2488, D4318, D4546, D4718, D4829, D4944, D6938

Aggregate - accredited since 9/9/2013
R76, R90, T11, T19, T21, T27, T84, T85, T104, T112, T113, T176, T255, T304, T335, C29, C40, C88, C117, C123, C127, C128, C136, C142, C566, C702, C1252, D75, D2419, D4791, D5821

Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material - accredited since 2/27/2015
E605, E736

Concrete - accredited since 9/9/2013
M201, R39, R60, R100 (Beams), R100 (Cylinders), T22, T24, T97, T119, T121, T148, T152, T196, T231 (9000 psi and below), T309, C31 (Beams), C31 (Cylinders), C39, C42, C78, C138, C143, C172, C173, C174, C192, C231, C511, C617 (9000 psi and below), C1064, C1140, C1231 (7000 psi and below)

Masonry - accredited since 5/3/2021
C511 (Moist Cabinets, Moist Rooms, and Water Storage Tanks Used in the testing of Hydraulic Cements and Concretes)
C1019 (Sampling and Testing Grout)

Please note that our accreditations do not include an expiration date. An accreditation only expires when the laboratory fails to comply with our accreditation requirements.

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