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R & R Services Corporation dba Geolabs-Westlake Village

Thousand Oaks, California

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Lawrence Stark
3595 Old Conejo Road Thousand Oaks , California 91320

Phone: (818) 889-2562 Fax: (818) 889-2995
Quality Management System - accredited since 3/31/2010
R18, D3666 (Asphalt Mixture), D3740 (Soil), E329 (Asphalt Mixture), E329 (Soil)

Asphalt Mixture - accredited since 7/19/2010
T275, D1560 (Stability), D1561, D2041, D2950, D3203, D5444, D6307

Soil - accredited since 3/31/2010
D421, D698, D1140, D1556, D1557, D2216, D2487, D2488, D3080, D4318, D4829, D6938

Aggregate - accredited since 3/31/2010
C117, C136, C566, D2419

Please note that our accreditations do not include an expiration date. An accreditation only expires when the laboratory fails to comply with our accreditation requirements.

* This information is only valid as of 7/19/2024. Please visit for current accreditation status.