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Top 5 Ways State DOTs Can Get the Most Out of AASHTO re:source Services

AASHTO resource Q & A logoOn season 3 episode 20. we discuss how as AASTHO members, state DOTs can best use AASHTO re:source’s services.

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Most of AASHTO re:source’s programs and services are included in AASHTO membership dues.


Require AASHTO Accreditation for testing laboratories working on state projects.

Requiring AASHTO Accreditation would reduce your staff’s efforts to manage the quality of contracted laboratories and add additional layers of quality assurance to your projects for free. AASHTO-Accredited laboratories have demonstrated conformance to specific national and international standards, so you can trust their testing results. Letting AASHTO re:source take on the burden of monitoring and evaluating laboratories is an easy way to save valuable time, money, and effort in your organization.
Find out more: http://aashtoresource.org/aap


Require participation in the AASHTO re:source Proficiency Sample Program for all aggregate and asphalt suppliers.

Participating suppliers can give you extra confidence in the quality of materials used in your state projects. It is a way to verify both their testing apparatus and their operators under actual testing conditions. Because the AASHTO re:source Proficiency Sample Program is the largest construction materials sample program in the world, participants’ results are compared and analyzed to a large pool of results.
Find out more: http://aashtoresource.org/psp


Encourage your district laboratories to gain and maintain
AASHTO Accreditation.

While central DOT laboratories are required to maintain AASHTO Accreditation, the materials used on projects can be tested at the district level. Having all your laboratories accredited means you can have the confidence needed to approve or reject materials without the time or expense of sending samples to your central laboratory.


Sign up for our specifier functionality to take advantage of the free laboratory monitoring services.

When project owners specify and require participation in our programs, we make it easy (and free) to monitor the quality of each laboratory working for you. We’ve built tools to track the accreditation status of laboratories and to access their assessment reports and proficiency sample results. Registered specifiers can also choose to receive automated real-time email alerts whenever significant changes occur to the status of monitored laboratories. Find out more: http://aashtoresource.org/specifiers


Engage in AASHTO re:source training materials and events.

AASHTO re:source staff are subject matter experts, and we create a wide range of training materials and events for your laboratory technicians and quality assurance staff. From free webinars, podcasts, and articles to our annual Technical Exchange, we are a reliable source for training in the construction materials testing industry. Find out more: http://aashtoresource.org /university