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"They are rigorous, they’re about making sure our labs, personnel, and test methods conform, that they’re in compliance. They’re independent, not driven by a vendor or a construction company.”

California Department of Transportation

Philip Stolarski, Deputy Division Chief, DES-METS & GS

50+ years of experience
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Upcoming Events

Management Review: Your “State of the Laboratory” Address - September 24, 2020

Join us for a free, hour-long webinar on management reviews, presented by AASHTO re:source Quality Manager, Tracy Barnhart.

Attendees will be able to: (1) recognize how management reviews differ from internal audits; (2) discover new strategies to effectively implement management reviews to achieve business goals; and (3) define the three primary outputs of a successful management review. [READ MORE]

Proficiency Sample Reports Explained - October 29, 2020

Join us for a free, hour-long webinar breaking down AASHTO re:source proficiency sample reports, presented by Program Manager, John Malusky.

Attendees will learn how to locate proficiency sample data and general information on the AASHTO re:source website, as well as how to identify the components of typical proficiency sample reports. [READ MORE]

Technician Certification Requirements - November 19, 2020

Join us for a free, hour-long webinar diving into technician certification requirements, presented by Senior Quality Analysts, Trudy (Keefer) Eckstine and Amy Reed.

Attendees will be able to interpret personnel requirements in ASTM quality system standards (C1077, D3666, D3740, and E329), including the use of external certification programs, as well as prepare internal certification exams that satisfy the AASHTO Accreditation Program requirements. [READ MORE]

2021 AASHTO re:source Technical Exchange - March 15-18 in Fort Worth, TX

This event will be held at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel. Please check back later for more details. 

Past Events