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"They are rigorous, they’re about making sure our labs, personnel, and test methods conform, that they’re in compliance. They’re independent, not driven by a vendor or a construction company.”

California Department of Transportation

Philip Stolarski, Deputy Division Chief, DES-METS & GS

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General Information
Normal Business Hours: Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 4 p.m. Eastern Time
AASHTO re:source observes all U.S. Federal holidays.  

Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) Information:
Website: www.ccrl.usEmail: | Phone: 240-436-4800 | Fax: 610-834-7066

To Send Email: use email names listed below followed by


Steven Lenker, P.E. Director - Construction Materials Reference Laboratories (AASHTO re:source/CCRL) slenker 240-436-4770
Robert Lutz AASHTO re:source Manager rlutz 240-436-4801
Tracy Barnhart Quality Manager tbarnhart 240-436-4802
Troy Benedict IT Manager tbenedict 240-436-4803
Ben Sade Training Manager bsade 240-436-4858
Kim Swanson Communications Manager kswanson 240-436-4807
Greg Uherek Program Manager of Business Development & Technical Services guherek 240-436-4840


Sara Holsinger Office Manager sholsinger 240-436-4809
Sheila Sherrill Administrative Assistant  ssherrill 240-436-4806
Mark Ambrosini Administrative Assistant  mambrosini  240-436-4808

AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP)

Email for general AASHTO Accreditation help and questions. 
Find Your Quality Analyst by State or Province

Brian Johnson Program Manager bjohnson 240-575-8651
Trudy (Keefer) Eckstine Senior Quality Analyst teckstine 240-575-8064
Jasmine Gilmore Senior Quality Analyst  jgilmore  240-436-4859
Rachel Graybill Quality Analyst rgraybill 240-436-4847
Pete Holter Senior Quality Analyst pholter 240-586-1551
Megan Karr Quality Analyst mkarr 240-436-4737
Esther Love Quality Analyst elove 240-357-1649
Jon McCabe Quality Analyst jmccabe 240-772-2040
Amy Reed Senior Quality Analyst areed 240-436-4860
Joe Williams  Senior Quality Analyst  jwilliams  240-772-6740

Proficiency Sample Program (PSP)

Email for general proficiency sample help and questions. 

John Malusky Program Manager jmalusky 240-436-4825
Mike Stains Production Supervisor mstains 240-436-4831
Ryan LaQuay Laboratory & Testing Manager rlaquay 
John Ardinger Senior Engineering Technician 2 jardinger 240-436-4832
Andrew Jones  Engineering Technician  ajones 240-436-4834
Lynn Mills Engineering Technician 2 lmills 240-436-4833

Laboratory Assessment Program (LAP)

Email for general assessment help and questions. 
Email Michele Bronk for questions regarding scheduling your assessment.

Maria Knake Program Manager mknake 240-436-4804 240-772-0031
Sonya Puterbaugh  Associate Program Manager  sputerbaugh 240-436-4865 240-772-2735
Mike Wagner   Associate Program Manager  mwagner 240-436-4854 240-772-2769
Michele Bronk   Senior Laboratory Assessor 2 mbronk 240-436-4846 240-457-3194 
Russell Dabbs  Senior Laboratory Assessor 2 rdabbs 240-436-4835 240-446-1816 
Amanda Moser Senior Laboratory Assessor 2 amoser 240-436-4843 240-405-6759
Kathryn Coghlan Senior Laboratory Assessor kcoghlan 240-436-4823 301-639-2382
Nancy Byrd Laboratory Assessor 2 nbyrd 240-346-4867 240-397-3767
Sean Carmean Laboratory Assessor 2 scarmean 240-436-4826 301-639-2330
Bernadette Cummings Laboratory Assessor 2 bcummings 240-436-4861 240-618-5574
John Dean Laboratory Assessor 2 jdean  240-436-4838 240-357-1638
Christina Mauri Laboratory Assessor 2 cmauri 240-436-4851 240-405-2500
Solomon McCullough Laboratory Assessor 2 smccullough 240-436-4827 240-315-3769
Michael Pratt
Laboratory Assessor 2 mpratt 240-436-4837 240-315-4983
John (Jack) Quinlan Laboratory Assessor 2 jquinlan 240-436-4828 240-315-6366
Mary Kaye Sumner Laboratory Assessor 2
msumner 240-436-4829 240-315-8932
James Wesselhoff Laboratory Assessor 2 jwesselhoff 240-436-4853 240-618-5573
Tori Ahn Laboratory Assessor vahn 240-436-4849  
Jimmy Cady Laboratory Assessor jcady 240-436-4873  
Jordan Croll Laboratory Assessor jcroll  240-436-4830   
Paul Kaylor Laboratory Assessor pkaylor 240-436-4836   
Jacob Nance Laboratory Assessor jnance 240-436-4848 240-772-2242
Rhonda Peterson Laboratory Assessor rpeterson 240-436-4841 240-315-6686
Ashley Smith Laboratory Assessor asmith 240-436-4863 240-315-5796
Amanda Styers Laboratory Assessor astyers 240-436-4845 240-772-2182

Independent Contractors

Email Phone
Melissa Angeles (858) 621-3583
Enrico B. Bado (240) 507-0152 
Chris Breth  (814) 215-7057 
Evan Price    
Dan Stegmaier (301) 760-8007

To reach an Independent Contractor whose contact information is not listed, please use our main contact information. 

Question/Topic  Person to Contact 
AASHTO re:source Website Troy Benedict, IT Manager or
Kim Swanson, Communications Manager
Newsletter Articles and Podcast Kim Swanson, Communications Manager
Customer Feedback Tracy Barnhart, Quality Manager or
applicable Program Manager
AASHTO Accreditation Program Your Quality Analyst or
Laboratory Assessment Program
Cost Estimate for Assessment and/or Accreditation Michele Bronk, Senior Laboratory Assessor
Scheduling Your Assessment  Michele Bronk, Senior Laboratory Assessor
Proficiency Sample Program 
On-site Inspections or Proficiency Samples
Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory
FWD Program Russell Dabbs, Senior Laboratory Assessor
ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation Tracy Barnhart, Quality Manager or
 Brian Johnson, AAP Manager
Laboratory Assessor