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"I don’t think we would have the quality of the AB program that we do [without] having their involvement, maintaining the standard that we do. I think it’s helped us immensely."

New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Alan Rawson, Bureau of Materials & Research Administrator

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Proficiency Sample Schedule

Sample TypeRoundEnrollment CutoffShip Date*Non-Receipt*Closing DateFinal Report
Fine Aggregate199/2001/2/20181/25/20182/8/20183/22/20184/5/2018
Soil Classification and Compaction177/1781/30/20182/22/20183/8/20184/19/20185/3/2018
Viscosity Graded Asphalt Cement251/2522/19/20183/1/20183/15/20184/26/20185/10/2018
Performance Graded Asphalt Binder251/2522/26/20183/8/20183/22/20185/3/20185/17/2018
Asphalt Mixture Hveem Design69/704/16/20185/31/20186/14/20187/26/20188/9/2018
Asphalt Mixture Marshall Design69/704/16/20185/31/20186/14/20188/2/20188/16/2018
Asphalt Mixture Gyratory45/465/31/20186/21/20187/5/20188/16/20188/30/2018
Emulsified Asphalt69/706/12/20186/28/20187/12/20188/23/20189/6/2018
Slurry and Micro Systems5/66/12/20187/12/20187/26/201810/4/201810/18/2018
Soil Resistance R-Value177/1786/28/20187/26/20188/9/20189/20/201810/4/2018
Soil California Bearing Ratio (CBR)177/1786/28/20187/26/20188/9/20189/13/20189/20/2018
Coarse Aggregate201/2027/24/20189/5/20189/20/201811/1/201811/15/2018
Viscosity Graded Asphalt Cement253/2548/21/20189/13/20189/27/201811/8/201811/21/2018
Performance Graded Asphalt Binder253/2548/21/20189/27/201810/11/201811/21/201812/6/2018
Asphalt Mixture Solvent Extraction89/9010/2/201811/1/201811/15/20181/3/20191/17/2019
Asphalt Mixture Ignition Oven37/3810/2/201812/6/201812/20/20182/7/20192/21/2019
Sample TypeRoundEnrollment CutoffShip Date*Non-Receipt*Closing DateFinal Report

NOTE: All dates are subject to change.

*Non-Receipt Date - the date by which your laboratory should receive a sample; please contact us if you have not received your sample by this date

*Closing Date - All testing data must be submitted and confirmed (by the laboratory) on or before this date. Data submitted after this date will not be included in the analysis and ratings will not be received.

*Enrollment Cutoff Date - If your laboratory is enrolled after this date, you will be placed on a Waiting List for that specific sample. If there are enough remaining samples, they will be shipped to your laboratory after the Non-Receipt Date and an invoice will follow by mail.