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  • Remote Assessments Video Tutorial (July 2020)

    As of July 1, 2020, AASHTO re:souce is conducting remote assessments for all customers as part of our regular tour schedule. Find even more details on our website: http://aashtoresource.org/lap/remote-assessments.

    Please note this is not a permanent change to our services; we will resume on-site assessments as soon as it is safe to do so.

  • AASHTO Accreditation and COVID-19

    Your AASHTO Accreditation may be the last thing you're thinking about during this pandemic, and that's okay. Accreditation Program Manager, Brian Johnson (with help from his kids) give you some tips to help your lab during this time. Visit aashtoresource.org/covid-19 for details on how COVID-19 has impacted our services.

  • Join the AASHTO re:source Team

    Discover our organizational culture and what it means to us to be a resource for both customers and staff.

    For current opportunities to join the AASHTO re:source team, visit our Careers page.

  • Tour of the New Accreditation Events System

    We’ve listened to your feedback and on June 26, 2018, will release changes to the Accreditation Events system. These changes are designed to make it quicker and easier for you to respond to nonconformities.

    Take a tour of the new system with AASHTO Accreditation Program Manager, Brian Johnson.

  • Finding an Accredited Calibration Laboratory

    Tutorial on finding an accredited calibration laboratory for reference equipment that meets the requirement of AASHTO R 18. Tutorial includes reviewing accreditation and calibration certificates.

  • Using the AASHTO Accreditation Directory

    AASHTO Accreditation Directory to search for laboratories by location and standard.

  • Why is AASHTO Accreditation important to the construction materials testing industry?

    Brian Johnson explains how AASHTO Accreditation plays a vital role in public safety.

  • Soil Classification and Compaction Sample Preparation

    Take a quick look at the preparation and packaging of our Soil Classification and Compaction proficiency samples. If you have questions about this sample, or our Proficiency Sample Program, email psp@aashtoresource.org.

  • Asphalt Mixture Ignition Oven Sample Preparation

    Take a quick look at the preparation and packaging of our Asphalt Mixture Ignition Oven proficiency samples. If you have questions about this sample, or our Proficiency Sample Program, email psp@aashtoresource.org.

  • AASHTO Accreditation Process

    AASHTO Accredited laboratories undergo vigorous on-site, third party assessments. During these assessments, each test method is demonstrated in its entirety by the laboratory’s technical staff, and the testing apparatus associated with each test is evaluated. The assessment also includes a thorough review of the laboratory’s quality management system, including records of technician training and competency evaluations as well as equipment calibration and check records. Additionally, a detailed review of all accreditation requirements, including participation in the AASHTO re:source and CCRL proficiency sample programs, is conducted for each accredited laboratory at least once per year.

  • AASHTO Accreditation Overview

    The AASHTO Accreditation Program (AAP) formally recognizes the competency of thousands of testing laboratories to perform specific tests on construction materials. In addition to being the largest accrediting body in the construction materials industry, the AAP is also the most widely-accepted. AASHTO Accredited laboratories have proven their commitment to quality and can set themselves apart from their competitors.

  • Proficiency Sample Benefits

    The Sample Program can be utilized as a useful tool for a company, association, or entity to monitor the quality of its services. Participating laboratories have the capability to:

    • compare individual testing results to a large pool of results from their peers.
    • verify both the testing apparatus and the operator under actual testing conditions.
    • show evidence of conformance to testing procedures and protocols as set forth by specifying agencies or internal QA/QC programs.
    • receive individualized reports with performance charts to track testing results over time.
    • use the Extra Proficiency Sample Program (XPS) for training of technicians, testing or equipment verification, inter-laboratory studies, and for addressing accreditation issues related to proficiency sample testing.

  • Proficiency Sample Program Overview

    AASHTO re:source’s Proficiency Sample Program (PSP) is the largest construction materials sample program in the world, with a customer base of approximately 3,000 testing laboratories. Samples are distributed to federal, state, independent, commercial, and research testing laboratories.

  • Laboratory Assessment Process

    During on-site assessments, our expertly trained assessors observe a demonstration of each standard test method or practice by the laboratory’s technical staff, and the apparatus associated with each test is evaluated.

  • Laboratory Assessment Overview

    The AASHTO re:source Laboratory Assessment Program (LAP) provides on-site assessments of laboratories that perform testing of materials used for construction and the preservation of roads, bridges, and vertical infrastructure. Participating laboratories include state DOT’s and other government laboratories, universities, research facilities, material producers, and commercial testing laboratories. AASHTO re:source’s rigorous on-site assessments are a critical step in obtaining and maintaining accreditation through AASHTO.

  • AASHTO resource Overview

    Learn more about AASHTO re:source and our programs.

  • Becoming AASHTO re:source

    On August 22, 2016, the AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory (AMRL) became AASHTO re:source.
    For over 50 years we have been promoting quality in the construction material testing industry. What started with laboratory assessments and proficiency samples, expanded with the creation of the AASHTO Accreditation Program. More recently, we’ve responded to customer needs by providing learning tools and being industry advocates. In cooperation with the FHWA and Harpers Enterprise, we’ve also created customized training for state engineers. Now, we are launching our first-ever Technical Exchange in March 2017, as an opportunity for the industry to learn from subject matter experts and share ideas with their peers.