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On-Site Assessment Schedule

Note: All dates are subject to change. The "Estimated Start Date" listed below indicates the month and year that AASHTO re:source expects to begin assessing labs in a given state. AASHTO re:source will spend more than one month in some states to complete all requested assessments. If you require an assessment before AASHTO re:source visits your area, you may request an out-of-sequence assessment (applicable fees apply).

To assist in planning, an announcement notice will be e-mailed to the laboratory approximately 4 to 5 weeks prior to the scheduled start date.  

For more information on preparing for your assessment, please review Seven Steps for a "Perfect" On-Site Assessment.

Schedule Revised 3/15/2017 

State/Province Estimated Start Time
for 30th (Current) Tour
Estimated Start Time 
for 31st Tour
Alabama Completed Fall 2017 - 2018
Alaska Late Spring 2017
(Anchorage Area)

Fall 2017
(Everywhere Else)
Not Scheduled
Alberta Summer 2017 Not Scheduled
Arizona Completed Not Scheduled
Spring 2018
(Northern California)

January 2017 - June 2017
(Southern California
Not Scheduled
Colorado Completed 2018
Connecticut Completed May - July 2017 
Delaware Completed Summer 2017 
District of Columbia Completed Spring/Summer 2017 
Florida Completed Late Fall 2017 
January - July 2017
Guam Completed Late Spring 2018 
Hawaii Completed 2018 
Idaho Early Summer 2017
(Northern Idaho)

(Southern Idaho)
Not Scheduled 
December 2017-2018
Indiana Completed December 2017-2018
Iowa Completed December 2017-2018 
Kansas Completed 2018
Kentucky Completed Early 2018 
Louisiana Completed Early 2018 
Maine Completed February - April 2017 
Manitoba Completed  Spring 2017 
Maryland Completed Late Spring - Summer 2017 
Massachusetts Completed March - May 2017 
Michigan Completed Fall 2017 
Minnesota Summer 2017 Not Scheduled 
Mississippi Completed 2018
Missouri Completed 2018
Montana Spring/Summer 2017 Not Scheduled 
Nebraska Completed 2018
 Not Scheduled
New Brunswick Completed March - April 2017
New Hampshire Completed April 2017
New Jersey Completed Spring/Summer 2017 
New Mexico Completed Not Scheduled 
New York Completed Spring/Summer 2017 
North Carolina Completed Late Summer 2016 - Summer 2017 
North Dakota Spring/Summer 2017 Not Scheduled 
Nova Scotia Completed April 2017 
Ohio Completed Late Fall 2017 
Ontario Completed March - April 2017
Oregon March - May 2017 Not Scheduled 
Pennsylvania Completed Fall 2016 - Fall 2017
Puerto Rico Completed Winter 2018 
Quebec Completed March - May 2017 
Rhode Island Completed Late Spring 2017 
South Carolina Completed Onging through Summer 2017
South Dakota Spring/Summer 2017 Not Scheduled 
Tennessee Completed Late 2017
(East Texas - I-35 & points East)

(West Texas - Points West of I-35)
Utah Completed Not Scheduled 
Vermont Completed  Spring 2017 
Virginia Completed Early Summer 2017 
Washington Spring 2017 Not Scheduled 
West Virginia Completed Spring/Summer 2017 
Wisconsin Completed Early 2018
Wyoming Completed 2018