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On-Site Assessment Schedule

Note: All dates are subject to change. The "Estimated Start Date" listed below indicates the month and year that AASHTO re:source expects to begin assessing labs in a given state. AASHTO re:source will spend more than one month in some states to complete all requested assessments. If you require an assessment before AASHTO re:source visits your area, you may request an out-of-sequence assessment (applicable fees apply).

To assist in planning, an announcement notice will be e-mailed to the laboratory approximately 4 to 5 weeks prior to the scheduled start date.  

For more information on preparing for your assessment, please review Seven Steps for a "Perfect" On-Site Assessment.

Schedule Revised 7/20/2017 

State/Province Estimated Start Time
for 30th (Current) Tour
Estimated Start Time 
for 31st Tour
Alabama Completed Late Fall 2017 - 2018
Alaska Completed
October 2017
(Fairbanks, Juneau, North Pole)
Alberta October - November 2017 Not Scheduled
Arizona Completed Not Scheduled
Spring 2018
(Northern California)

(Southern California
Fall 2017
(Northern California)

Not Scheduled
(Southern California)
Colorado Completed 2018
Connecticut Completed August 2017 
Delaware Completed Late Summer - Fall 2017 
District of Columbia Completed Late Summer - Fall 2017 
Florida Completed Summer - Winter 2017 
January - October 2017
Guam Completed Late Spring 2018 
Hawaii Completed 2018 
Idaho Completed
Not Scheduled 
Early 2018
Indiana Completed Early 2018
Iowa Completed 2018
Kansas Completed 2018
Kentucky Completed Late 2017 - Early 2018 
Louisiana Completed Spring 2018 
Maine Completed Completed
Manitoba Completed  Completed
Maryland Completed Summer - Fall 2017 
Massachusetts Completed June - August 2017 
Michigan Completed Early 2018
Minnesota Summer 2017 Not Scheduled 
Mississippi Completed Late Spring - Summer 2018
Missouri Completed Early 2018
Montana Completed Not Scheduled 
Nebraska Completed 2018
(Reno & Elko)

(Las Vegas Area)
New Brunswick Completed Completed
New Hampshire Completed Completed
New Jersey Completed Summer - Fall 2017 
New Mexico Completed Late 2018
New York Completed Spring - Fall 2017 
North Carolina Completed Completed
North Dakota Completed Not Scheduled 
Nova Scotia Completed July 2017 
Ohio Completed December 2017 - 2018
Spring 2018
Ontario Completed Early 2018

(Everywhere Else)
Oregon Completed Not Scheduled 
Pennsylvania Completed Fall 2016 - Winter 2017
Puerto Rico Completed Late 2018 
Quebec Completed Completed
Rhode Island Completed Completed
South Carolina Completed Ongoing through Summer 2017
South Dakota Completed Not Scheduled 
Tennessee Completed Summer 2017
(East Tenn.)

December 2017
(Nashville & Memphis Area)
Late Spring 2018
Utah Completed Not Scheduled 
Vermont Completed Completed
Virginia Completed Late Summer - Fall 2017 
Washington Completed Not Scheduled 
West Virginia Completed May - August 2017 
Wisconsin Completed Spring 2018
Wyoming Completed Not Scheduled