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"Nobody ever questions us when we submit our accreditations for a project based on procedures, proficiency sampling or lab audits. It gives us a good feeling that every time we do an audit, it will meet the minimum standards that are accepted in the Northeast."

Atlantic Testing Laboratories

Scott McCasland, CWI, Vice President, Quality

The AASHTO Accreditation Program formally recognized the competence of over 1,800 testing laboratories to perform specific tests on construction materials, enhancing customer confidence.


AASHTO re:source Overview
AASHTO Accreditation Overview
AASHTO Accreditation Process

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"We think it’s a good value because the audit, the recognition and the hands-on real time demonstrations that you get from their people. They are good at putting techs at ease."

Bowser-Morner, Inc.

Jim Fletcher, Vice President, Director of Laboratory Services Construction Services Division

The Laboratory Assessment Program (LAP) was established in 1966 to provide on-site assessments of materials testing laboratories that perform tests of materials used for building construction and the preservation of roads and bridges.


Laboratory Assessment Overview
Laboratory Assessment Process

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"I don’t think we would have the quality of the AB program that we do [without] having their involvement, maintaining the standard that we do. I think it’s helped us immensely."

New Hampshire Department of Transportation
Bureau of Materials & Research

Alan Rawson, Administrator

AASHTO re:source’s Proficiency Sample Program (PSP) is the largest construction materials sample program in the world, with a customer base of approximately 3,000 testing laboratories. Samples are distributed to federal, state, independent, commercial, and research testing laboratories.


Proficiency Samples Overview
Proficiency Samples Benefits

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"...if you do everything that the AASHTO accreditation requires you to do, if you execute all of the requirements of [AASHTO re:source], you will have a well-run laboratory."

Florida Department of Transportation

Tim Ruelke, Director, Office of Materials