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"They are rigorous, they’re about making sure our labs, personnel, and test methods conform, that they’re in compliance. They’re independent, not driven by a vendor or a construction company.”

California Department of Transportation

Philip Stolarski, Former Deputy Division Chief, DES-METS & GS 

55+ years of experience
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Register Your Laboratory with AASHTO re:source

Registering your laboratory is the first step in requesting services from us. If your laboratory is already registered, please use the links below to request specific services.  Individual laboratories within the same organization will need to be registered separately.  

Register Your Corporate Account

Registering a corporate account is a useful way to associate your corporate quality manager’s contact information with your laboratory locations. This is required if you are pursuing approval for a corporate quality management system. Submit a Corporate QMS Review request.

Request AASHTO Accreditation or Laboratory Assessment

The same form is used to request accreditation and to request an on-site assessment from AASHTO re:source.  If you are seeking AASHTO accreditation for scopes covered by the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) on-site inspections, please contact CCRL directly.

Enroll in the Proficiency Sample Program

Complete the Proficiency Sample Enrollment Request Form and return it to

Apply to be a Specifier

Specifiers can include departments of transportation, state and local authorities, or quality managers that oversee multiple branch laboratories.  Discover more on our Specifiers Page.  

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