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The Laboratory Assessment Program will be introducing a new fee structure for all assessments on or after January 1, 2019.  Read more here

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Laboratory Assessment Fees
The laboratory assessment fee is a combination of the basic fee and the individual procedure fee listed below. The laboratory will be invoiced after the on-site assessment.
Basic Fee
The basic on-site assessment fee represents in-sequence laboratory assessment costs associated with travel to the laboratory, assessment of general test apparatus, review of findings with laboratory staff, report preparation and review of the quality system.
  • A basic fee of $900 will be charged if the laboratory assessment includes one or two scopes of testing (ex: Soil and Aggregate).
  • If the laboratory assessment includes three or more scopes of testing, a basic fee of $1585 will be charged (ex: Soil, Aggregate and Hot-Mix).
Note: Basic fees will not be charged for Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material or Rock, unless it is the only scope included in the on-site assessment.
Individual Test Fee
An individual test fee of $140, $235, or $285 is charged for each test method evaluated during the laboratory assessment. The individual test fee represents the costs associated with the assessment of apparatus and observation of procedures associated with each of the test methods.

Scope and Test Method Changes
Removing or adding a substantial number of tests from your assessment after it has been scheduled may incur additional fees. If you need to make substantial changes to your assessment request, please contact us within five days of receipt of the assessment announcement letter. Adjustments requested after five days of receiving your announcement letter may result in an additional fee related to changes in air travel, lodging, and/or vehicle rental.
Quality System Test Fee
A fee of $100 is charged for ASTM quality system specification C1077.

A fee of $600 is charged for ASTM quality system specification E329 for any or all of the following scopes: Aggregate, Asphalt Cement, Asphalt Mixture, Emulsified Asphalt, Soil, Sprayed Fire-Resistive Material.

A fee of $300 is charged for ASTM quality system specification E329 for one or both of the following scopes: Steel Inspection and/or Steel Testing
Out-of-Sequence Fees
When a laboratory receives an assessment outside the normal AASHTO re:source tour schedule, an additional fee for the air travel and/or vehicle rental may be applied. Please contact us if interested in an out-of-sequence assessment to receive an estimate.
Cancellation Fees
Postponing or canceling an on-site assessment after five days of receipt of the assessment announcement letter may result in an additional fee of up to $1000, plus expenses for changes to air travel, lodging, and/or vehicle rental.
International Laboratories (Including Canada)
International Laboratories
International laboratories include any laboratory outside of the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico. In addition to the fees described above, international laboratories may be subject to additional charges depending upon the location and any extraordinary travel costs. International laboratories interested in an on-site assessment should contact AASHTO re:source staff for specific details and a cost estimate for services.

All quality management system documentation must be provided in English, and an appropriate English translation of pertinent documentation must be provided. All on-site assessments are conducted in English. If necessary, an interpreter must be provided to facilitate the assessment. It is the responsibility of the laboratory to communicate with AASHTO re:source that an interpreter will be required prior to scheduling the assessment. All costs associated with hiring an interpreter or translating quality management system documentation will be the responsibility of the laboratory. If an assessment is scheduled without arrangements for an interpreter, and it becomes clear to AASHTO re:source management that an interpreter is in fact necessary, the assessment will be rescheduled and a $1000 cancellation fee, plus any associated travel costs incurred, will be charged to the laboratory. Out-of-sequence fees may be charged to the laboratory if rescheduling the assessment is necessary.

Canadian Laboratories
Laboratories that request an assessment to be performed in Canada will incur an additional fee of 15% of the assessment cost.

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Test NameFeeStandards
Reducing Samples of Aggregate to Test Size $140
C702 (ASTM)
Sampling Aggregate $140
D75 (ASTM)
Material Finer Than 75-┬Ám (No. 200) Sieve $140
C117 (ASTM)
Bulk Density and Voids in Aggregate $140
C29 (ASTM)
Organic Impurities in Sands $140
C40 (ASTM)
Sieve Analysis of Aggregates $235
C136 (ASTM)
Sieve Analysis of Mineral Filler $140
D546 (ASTM)
Fine Aggregate Specific Gravity and Absorption $235
C128 (ASTM)
Coarse Aggregate Specific Gravity and Absorption $140
C127 (ASTM)
Abrasion of Coarse Aggregate $235
C131 (ASTM)
Specific Gravity of Mineral Filler $235
T100 (Mineral Filler) (AASHTO)
Sulfate Soundness of Aggregates $235
C88 (ASTM)
Clay Lumps and Friable Particle Percentage $140
C142 (ASTM)
Lightweight Pieces in Aggregate $140
C123 (ASTM)
Sand Equivalent Test $235
D2419 (ASTM)
Aggregate Durability Index $235
D3744 (ASTM)
Moisture Content of Aggregate by Oven Drying $140
C566 (ASTM)
Uncompacted Void Content of Fine Aggregate $140
C1252 (ASTM)
Resistance to Abrasion by Micro-Deval (Coarse Agg) $235
D6928 (ASTM)
Detection of Clays using Methylene Blue $235
C837 (ASTM)
Fractured Particles in Coarse Aggregate $140
D5821 (ASTM)
Abrasion of Large-Size Coarse Aggregate $235
C535 (ASTM)
Estimating Scratch Test Hardness of Coarse Aggregate Particles $140
Flat, Elongated, or Flat and Elongated Particles $140
D4791 (ASTM)
Density / Absorption of Agg using Vacuum Saturation $285
D7370 (ASTM)
Resistance to Abrasion by Micro-Deval (Fine Agg) $235
D7428 (ASTM)