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Comparison of AASHTO R 18-18 and ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Major Requirements in AASHTO R 18 that are Not in ISO/IEC 17025

 Section Description
5.3 Organization
5.4 Staff
5.5 Technician Training and Evaluation 
5.9 Records Retention
6.1 Equipment Lists
6.2 General Equipment Procedures
6.3 Procedures for Individual Pieces of Equipment
6.4  Equipment Intervals
6.8  Subcontracting

Major Requirements in ISO/IEC 17025 that are Not in AASHTO R 18 or the AAP Procedures Manual

 Section Description
4.2 Confidentiality
6.2 Personnel (many requirements)
6.5  Metrological traceability
6.6 Externally provided products and services 
7.1  Review of requests, tenders, and contracts
7.2.1 Selection and verification of methods 
7.3  Sampling 
7.8.3  Specific requirements for test reports 
7.8.5  Reporting sampling - specific requirements 
7.8.6  Reporting statements of conformity 
7.8.7  Reporting opinions and interpretations 
7.9  Complaints (most requirements) 
7.10  Nonconforming work 
7.11  Control of data and information management 
8.2  Management system documentation (Option A) 
8.3  Control of management system documents (Option A) 
8.5  Actions to address risks and opportunities (Option A) 
8.6.2  Customer feedback 
8.6  Improvement  
8.7  Corrective actions (most requirements) 
8.9.2  Management review inputs (many requirements) 
8.9.3  Management review outputs