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"Nobody ever questions us when we submit our accreditations for a project based on procedures, proficiency sampling or lab audits. It gives us a good feeling that every time we do an audit, it will meet the minimum standards that are accepted in the Northeast."

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Scott McCasland, CWI, Vice President, Quality

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ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratories

 Laboratory Name and Location  Accredited Since
Achievement Engineering Corp. - San Jose, California 8/3/2021
AESCO, Inc. - Huntington Beach, California 5/6/2016 
Anbessaw Consulting, Inc. dba The Quality Firm 3/8/2023
Atlas Technical Consultants LLC - Riverside. California 12/7/2018 
Atlas Technical Consultants LLC - Tigard, Oregon 4/13/2015
Bowser-Morner, Inc. - Dayton, Ohio 11/15/2000
Bowser-Morner, Inc. - Springfield, Illinois 5/9/2012
Bowser-Morner, Inc. - Toledo, Ohio  6/15/2002
Cibor, Inc. - Houston, Texas 10/13/2020
EDW. C. Levy Co. - Portage, Indiana  4/10/2015
Elkhorn Capital Holdings, LLC - New Brighton, Pennsylvania 2/1/2023
Fenagh, LLC - Rancho Cucamonga, California 7/12/2022
FHWA-Central Federal Lands Highway Division - Denver, Colorado 11/15/2001
FHWA-Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division - Sevierville, Tennessee 9/9/2013
FHWA-Western Federal Lands Highway Division - Vancouver, Washington 7/9/2004
Flood Testing Laboratories, Inc. - Chicago, Illinois 11/30/2009
Florida Department of Transportation - Gainesville, Florida 11/4/2002
Jas W. Glover Holding Company, Ltd - Honolulu, Hawaii  3/15/2021
Jas W. Glover Holding Company, Ltd - Hilo, Hawaii  3/15/2021
Jas W. Glover Holding Company, Ltd - Waimea, Hawaii  3/15/2021
Jas W. Glover Holding Company, Ltd - Lihue, Hawaii  3/15/2021
MTGL, Inc. - San Diego, California 1/23/2014
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation - Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 7/17/2003
PRI Asphalt Technologies, Inc. - Tampa, Florida 3/12/2007
Professional Service Industries, Inc. - Portland, Oregon 2/7/2020
Professional Service Industries, Inc. - Tacoma, Washington 11/21/2019
Quality Assurance Engineering, Inc. dba Consolidated Engineering Laboratories - an Engineering & Testing Services, LLC Company - Oakland, California  10/11/2019
R M A Group - Rancho Cordova, California 2/20/2019 
Sequoia Consultants, Inc. 3/22/2023
SGS TEC Services, Inc. - Lawrenceville, Georgia 6/1/2010