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Find AASHTO Accredited Laboratories More Easily

Jan 04, 2018

Project owners can now use an interactive map to find AASHTO Accredited laboratories across city and state lines. 

Based on feedback from project owners and customers, we have redesigned the AASHTO Accreditation Directory.  The map-based directory search allows people to find accredited laboratories not only by city and sate, but also by zip codes and within a 50-300 mile radius.  You can still search, and filter results, by laboratory name or by testing scopes and standards.

To use this directory:

  • Select your preferred view, Map or List.
  • Search the complete directory for a testing laboratory by Name, Location, and/or Scope/Tests.
  • Enter or select the desired search criteria, then click the dark blue add button (e.g. Filter by Name, Filter by Scope or Filter by Country).
  • To change or remove search criteria, click the X button in desired section or the click the Reset Search button.
  • View a laboratory’s contact and AASHTO Accreditation details by either clicking the “View Accreditation in new window” link from the Map view, or clicking the + button for that location in the List view.