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Frequently Asked Questions - Laboratory Assessments

Many frequently asked questions regarding laboratory assessments are answered in the In Focus article, "Seven Steps for a "Perfect" On-Site Assessment." Additional information on the Laboratory Assessment Program can be found in the In Focus newsletter.

If you have questions regarding the fees associated with a laboratory assessment, visit the Tests and Fees page.

General Laboratory Assessment Questions

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How do I get started to have an assessment?
Submit an Assessment Request. An AASHTO re:source assessment and AASHTO Accreditation are both requested by using this single form. Laboratories must agree to our Laboratory Rights and Responsibilities for AASHTO re:source Assessments when submitting a request for an assessment. Laboratories must be registered with the AASHTO re:source website to submit an Assessment Request.

To register a laboratory, first complete the Registration Request Form. An Access Code and Passkey will then be issued and the user will be able to create a unique login associated with their email address and a password of their choosing. If you have any questions or problems when submitting the request, please contact us at (240) 436-4900 or email, so that we may assist you.
I’ve submitted an assessment request. What happens next?
The laboratory will receive a confirmation email indicating we have received the request for an assessment. When AASHTO re:source assessors are visiting your area, a formal announcement notice will be emailed to your laboratory approximately four to five weeks before the scheduled assessment date. If you have requested an out-of-sequence assessment, you will be contacted by AASHTO re:source to review any additional fees prior to scheduling a date for the assessment. If you are seeking or maintaining AASHTO Accreditation, you will have to submit documentation to AASHTO re:source prior to your on-site assessment.
Do I have to submit any documentation to AASHTO re:source prior to the on-site assessment?
As of January 19, 2023, laboratories currently accredited by and in good standing with the the AASHTO Accreditation Program are no longer required to submit documentation prior to the on-site assessment. For laboratories seeking AASHTO Accreditation, we require laboratories to submit their quality manual policies and procedures prior to scheduling the assessment. An AASHTO re:source representative will be in contact in order to obtain the laboratory quality manual policies and procedures. 
What occurs during an assessment?
An assessment consists of an observation of the test procedures for each test selected by the laboratory and an examination of the apparatus used in performing the tests. Laboratories seeking AASHTO accreditation will be evaluated for compliance with AASHTO R 18 and other optional quality system standards, if requested. This part of the assessment will include a review of the laboratory’s policies, procedures, and documentation. At the end of the assessment, the assessor will present a preliminary report of the findings. A typical assessment takes between one and three days.
How is AASHTO ensuring safety while conducting on-site assessments during the COVID-19 pandemic?
The safety of our customers and laboratory assessors is AASHTO’s prime concern as we return to on-site assessments. To help ensure assessments are conducted in a safe environment, AASHTO is committed to the actions described in our Duty of Care policy.
How does my laboratory obtain AASHTO Accreditation?
How can I prepare for an on-site assessment?
Assessment Preparation Lists are available on the AASHTO re:source website. These documents describe steps a laboratory should take to prepare for each test that they will present during the assessment. The lists include information regarding sample preparation and testing guidance.
How often will my lab be assessed?
AASHTO re:source completes a tour of all laboratories within an approximate 24-month interval. View the schedule to determine if we will be visiting your area in the near future. If a laboratory requires an assessment at a time that is not in sequence with our planned visit to their area, additional charges may apply for an “out-of-sequence” laboratory assessment.
How much will the on-site assessment cost?
The fees associated with the assessment will vary depending upon the scope of tests that the laboratory has requested. A complete description of the costs associated with a laboratory assessment are described on the LAP Fees page. In addition, a laboratory will be able to view the calculated total cost for their assessment when submitting an Assessment Request on the AASHTO re:source website (see “How do I get started?”).
What if I need to postpone my assessment?
The Laboratory Assessment Program schedules assessments in a specific tour sequence. Postponing the scheduled assessment at any time may result in additional charges, out-of-sequence fees, and may negatively impact the laboratory’s accreditation status. Laboratories are encouraged to alert AASHTO re:source in advance if there is a potential conflict during the time that we are estimating to be in your area. The current tour schedule may be viewed by online. If it is necessary to change your schedule assessment date, you are urged to contact AASHTO re:source within 5 days of receipt of the assessment announcement notification to minimize additional charges and potential effect on the laboratory’s accreditation.
What happens after the assessment has been completed?
Three to four weeks after the assessment has been completed, a laboratory will typically receive an email notification that the final copy of their assessment report has been issued. A laboratory may view the electronic version of their assessment report by logging in to the AASHTO re:source website and clicking on the “My Tab” tab. Laboratories that are seeking AASHTO accreditation must resolve all nonconformities in their assessment report within 60 days of the report issue date.
Can I request a remote assessment instead of an on-site assessment?
Currently, AASHTO re:source is transitioning from remote assessments back to on-site assessments. AASHTO will begin conducting on-site assessments in states/territories where available information indicates that COVID-19 conditions are safe for travel. Please review our COVID-19 information page for additional information on our transition back to on-site assessments. If your state/territory is transitioned to on-site assessments, you will be required to have your assessment on-site. We are happy to provide remote assessments to customers who wish to add tests to their current scope of accreditation at any time.
Does AASHTO re:source assess laboratories for concrete, cement, and mortar?
No, the Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (CCRL) performs assessments in the fields of concrete, cement, and mortar. To learn more, visit CCRL’s website.
I don’t see the answer to my question. Can I ask a new question?
Yes, you can. Send us your question, and we might add it to the FAQ page. You may also want to check the FAQ pages for the other programs as well as review previous newsletter articles.