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Change to AASHTO re:source Pre-Assessment Procedure

Jan 19, 2023

As of January 19, 2023, AASHTO Accredited laboratories are no longer required to submit quality manual policies and procedures prior to the on-site assessment.  The documentation will be reviewed while the assessor is on-site.  We do not anticipate this will add to the overall length or cost of the assessment.

For those seeking AASHTO Accreditation for the first time, we still require laboratories submit their quality manual policies and procedures prior to scheduling the assessment.  If your assessment request form indicates your laboratory is seeking AASHTO Accreditation, an AASHTO re:source representative will be in contact in order to obtain the laboratory quality manual policies and procedures.

This reflects a reversal of a 2022 policy that required all laboratories to submit these documents prior to an assessment. We hope this change will help ease the burden on laboratories and streamline the assessment process. 

Please note, AASHTO Accredited laboratories are still required to submit all applicable documents for their annual review and other accreditation-related activities outside of their assessment.

If you have questions regarding this change, please contact