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New On-Site Assessment Fee Structure (Effective 2024)

Nov 09, 2023

Effective January 1, 2024, the AASHTO re:source Laboratory Assessment Program (LAP) will implement a new hourly-rate fee structure for on-site assessments.  This replaces the current half-day fee structure and is a more accurate and fair representation of our staff's time spent at your laboratory. This change was made in part due to feedback received from customers on potential inaccuracies of the half-day fee structure.

Any assessments that occur after January 1, 2024, regardless of when the assessment request was submitted, will be charged under the following fee structure:

Base Fee: $1,000
This fee covers the administrative time and costs associated with scheduling and traveling to the assessment location and the process to review, send, and post the assessment report.  This will be the same regardless of the time required to complete the on-site assessment.

Hourly Fee: $350
A fee of $350 will be charged for each hour of assessment time, or portion thereof, spent in the laboratory for each fully trained assessor present.  This also covers some of the daily travel costs associated with performing assessments on site.  (Note: Most assessments only require one assessor.  Some assessments with large scopes require two assessors.  You will not be charged the costs of a second assessor if we have a trainee present or are performing a competency check on our personnel).

Out of Sequence Fees
Requesting an out-of-sequence assessment in the United States, US territories, or Canada will incur an additional flat fee of $750, plus the cost of air travel, as required.

All Other Fees
At this time, none of the other fees listed on our Fees page will change. 

Will the cost of my assessment increase?
Most customers can expect to see an approximately 5% increase in the fees charged for on-site assessments compared to their last assessment.  We have not raised fees for the program since 2019, even though overhead and travel costs for our program have continued to rise.   We have always strived to keep costs of the program low for all participants and will continue to monitor the fees to ensure that our prices continue to be fair and reasonable.

Questions or Concerns?
If you have any questions or concerns about this change and how it will impact your laboratory, please contact Program Director, Sonya Puterbaugh at or (240) 436-4865.