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New On-Site Assessment Fee Structure

Sep 28, 2018

On January 1, 2019 AASHTO re:source will implement a new fee structure for Laboratory Assessment Program (LAP) services.  The new fee structure will be time-based and will no longer include fees for individual tests or standards assessed.  The new structure includes:

Base Fee ($750)
A base fee of $750 will be charged for every on-site assessment regardless of scope or time needed to complete.  This fee covers the administrative costs associated with scheduling and traveling to the assessment location, as well as the process to review, send, and post the assessment report.

Half-Day Fee ($1,225)
A fee of $1,225 will be charged for each half-day (approximately four hours), or portion thereof, for each fully-trained assessor in the field assessing.  Laboratories will not be charged the costs of a second assessor if we are training or performing a competency check on our personnel.  (Note: Most assessments only require one assessor, however some assessments with large scopes require two.)

Out of Sequence Fees, Changes in Scope Fees, Cancellation Fees, and International Laboratories (Including Canada)
These fees will remain unchanged and will be the same as the fees currently listed on our Tests and Fees page.

Why a new fee structure?
The current fee structure is complicated and does not relate well to amount of time the assessment takes to complete.  The impact of this new fee structure has been closely considered and evaluated by the AASHTO re:source team.  We believe that this change will have a positive impact on most of our customers.

Will the cost of my assessment increase?
Most customers can expect to see a slight increase in the fees charged for LAP services compared to their last assessment invoice.   LAP has not raised fees for services since 2006, despite the increased overhead and travel costs.  We have always strived to keep costs of our services fair and reasonable for all participants.   We will continue to monitor the fees to ensure a good value as we implement this new fee structure.

My assessment is scheduled for after January 2019.  How do I estimate the cost of my assessment using my current request form, based off the old fee structure?
You can estimate the total cost of your assessment by reviewing your Assessment Request Confirmation.  Start by signing into the AASHTO re:source website and then to the table entitled “Laboratory Assessment History.”  Click on “View” for the row for your most recent assessment request.  As part of the confirmation, you should be able to see an “Estimated Duration” for your assessment.  Your estimated fee will be $750 plus $1,225 for each half-day of assessment time.

Example: If the “Estimated Duration” listed on the website is 2 days, the time-based portion of your fees will be charged in 4 increments, as follows:

$750 Base Fee + (4 x $1,225) = $5,650 Estimated Cost

Keep in mind that we round up the amount of time we anticipate an assessment will take to the next highest whole number for scheduling purposes, although the assessment itself may actually take slightly less time.

Questions or Concerns?
If you have any questions or comments about this change and how it will impact your laboratory, please contact Maria Knake at mknake@aashtoresource.org or (240)-436-4804.