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Introducing 2 New Proficiency Sample Programs

Jun 04, 2024
Registration and enrollment is now open for these new proficiency sample programs!

Asphalt Mixture Hamburg Wheel Track (HWT)

This sample the jumping off point for samples associated with performance mix design. Current customers already AASHTO Accredited for tests included within this scope have been pre-enrolled in this sample round. Laboratories must participate in this sample to maintain AASHTO Accreditation for the associated standards.

If interested in participating the Asphalt Mixture Hamburg Wheel Track  program, please enroll no later than July 1, 2024.

Winter Maintenance Products (WMP)

The scope of this new program includes methods such as Weight per Gallon, Corrosion Rate, pH, and Gradation, among others. This sample is not currently part of either the Laboratory Assessment or AASHTO Accreditation Programs. 

If interested in participating the Winter Maintenance Products program, please enroll no later than August 1, 2024.

Note: Current AASHTO re:source customers can login to your account to enroll in these sample rounds. New customers, please Request Laboratory Registration to set up a new account and then enroll in these sample rounds.

Additional information regarding tests, dates, and fees for these samples can be found at the links below: